Moroccan iftaar: Harira recipe!

Alright everybody, I know it’s been forever since we posted on here and I do apologize, just haven’t managed to think of something/have the time.  So here goes I’m gonna do something random and give you all a recipe for Ramadan!  I’m not a pro chef or anything but one dish I love to make … Continue reading

Moroccans Need Freedom? No. Food? Pssh. Shakira? YES!

On the same day activist Kamal Amari was beaten, it turns out Shakira was invited to Marrakech to sing in honor of the victims of the recent terrorist attack at Argana Café.  Ironic? Maybe.  But what’s really twisted is the Moroccan government’s perception of priorities amidst a struggling economy and protests calling for the dismantling … Continue reading

In Denial: The Moroccan Government on the Death of Kamal Amari

Kamal Amari, a member of Al Adl wal-Ihsane (Justice and Charity) died of injuries from security forces at protests on Thursday in the city of Safi, 350 kilometers south of Casablanca as reported in an emailed statement from the February 20th youth movement. Mr. Hakim Sikuk, also a member of Al Adl wal-Ihsane relayed, “The … Continue reading

Berkane, Behobak (Berkane, I Love You)

Let me introduce you to… Berkane, Morocco Just a bit West of the Algerian border, in the heart of the Rif Valley you will find me.  Once a bladi farm village, I strive to find my new identity as I welcome Algerian migrants and adjust to the new realities of globalization.  I’ll let you in … Continue reading