What it really means to be American…

The other day I read “The Crescent Directive: An essay on improving the image of Islam in America.”  It got my brain stirring a while because of course it’s a topic that’s deeply personal to me as a Muslim-American.  In his Essay, Khurram Dara talked about many things that we “should be doing” to improve … Continue reading

#MAS-ICNA 2011: A reflection on challenges facing the Muslim community today

Photo credit: Zaid Shakir addresses convention attendees This past weekend I had the blessing to be able to travel to Chicago for the annual MAS-ICNA convention.  It was my third conference ever and my first exclusively Muslim conference.  What I expected out of this conference was a weekend filled with ‘ilm as well as spaces … Continue reading

Hate, Racism and Islamophobia Take a Trip to Minneapolis

Photo Credit: spamfriedrice Thursday Night: Two American-born Muslims harassed outside of Minneapolis Jazz Club Yes, that’s right.  I believe this is the most excitement the sidewalk outside of the jazz club has experienced in a long time… though I wouldn’t know as it is not often that I am in downtown at 10pm on a … Continue reading