Behind The Minds

“If you find any Maghrebi blogs send them my way!”

“I don’t know any…”

“You’re lame then”

“We should start one!

Above is the chat between a Morrocan and an Algerian undergraduate student that sparked the birth of this blog. This blog is our ‘voice to the world’ from a North African- American point of view on the issues regarding the region and the world. Al-Maghrib Al-3arabi (The Arab West)- A region that tends to have an identity crisis on whether it is part of Africa or a distanced chunk of the Middle East (does that make it part of both?)

And thus Maghrebi Minds went from an a chat —> to an idea —-> and finally to life via this blog you’re reading!

So… what’s the purpose?
As Arab-Americans living in the United States and surrounded by Western media, the bloggers felt that the Middle East tends to be overlooked. The Arab west (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya) is no exception to this.
On that happy note, this blog is a means to inform readers on issues in the region as well issues happening all over the world.

Note: The bloggers are in no means scholars on the topics but are merely expressing their opinions on matters they find interesting. The opinions expressed by the bloggers are of the bloggers themselves and have no direct connection to the issue – unless stated otherwise.

Any questions or private commentary may be sent to:

We look forward to hearing from you!

~Amina & Jamila


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