Moments of Uncertainty

Timestamps. A cherished memory of a place long gone, a time long forsaken, a plan that was not… As I sit and dig through each and every memory, and each moment, I can remember how I felt at that second.  Hurriedly grabbing a lunch as the merchants hastily shut down their businesses one by one, approaching the hour, the hour in which millions flooded the streets, demanding peace, justice, and equality.  Simple human rights and leading away from oppression day by day until that 18th day came and all rejoiced.  Rejoiced in a new beginning, of a new time, where you had a say in how you wanted to live your life, how you expressed yourself, the chatter on the street.

January 28th, after Jummah, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Zamalek, Cairo

We heard today was going to be big, that the protests after Jummah are the most intense, a day of rage.  As we looked across the river, a building burning down in flames, a symbol of oppression…

January 29th, around noon, HSBC bank, Zamalek, Cairo

Hastily pulling out money, we don’t know what will happen next it has only gotten worse, looting and chaos, security nonexistent.  This is unknown, not for 30 years has a single soul displayed so much public emotion as this.  The people are changed, the hearts are transformed, never the same.

January 31st, 2:05pm, 15 Taha Hussein St. Zamalek, Cairo

It is 5 minutes past curfew, the last chance at snagging a meal to last the rest of the night. A shopkeeper graciously lets us in to buy a sandwich, 5 minutes after close.  Feeling nervous, nauseous and numb…

February 3rd, 7:59am, Caffe Di Roma, Aeroport Barcelona

And we are off… after 12 short days that lasted a lifetime… Disconnected yet so close, removed yet our hearts could feel it.  The Chaos the pride the joy, uncertainty and unknown will remain with us forever.  As we picture a future brighter than the past, upon which will lie the truth until the Day of Judgement, Yawm il Qiyama. May God bless the people of Egypt.  Allah ma3ak.

hob we salam,



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