Moroccan iftaar: Harira recipe!

Alright everybody, I know it’s been forever since we posted on here and I do apologize, just haven’t managed to think of something/have the time.  So here goes I’m gonna do something random and give you all a recipe for Ramadan!  I’m not a pro chef or anything but one dish I love to make is harira.  It’s a Moroccan soup that we break our fast with everyday 🙂


1 large onion

4 cloves of garlic

8-10 tomatoes (2-3 cans)

1 heaping tsp turmeric

1 heaping tsp paprika

1 heaping tsp ginger

1 tsp cumin

10 cups water (more if necessary)

1/2 cup lentils

1 can chickpeas/hommos/garbanzo beans

1 bunch parsley

1 bunch cilantro

1/4 cup barley

1 tsp flour


First, fry one large onion and 4 cloves of garlic in a big pan for about 5-7 minutes.

Add in about 8-10 garden tomatoes or 2-3 cans of diced tomatoes (depends how tomato-y you like your soup :P)

Put in the spices! About 1 heaping teaspoon (the kind you eat with) each of turmeric, paprika and ginger and a little less than that of the cumin.

Mix it up and add about 10 cups of water and let it cook for 30 mins.

After 30 mins of cooking, add in 1/2 cup of lentils, then cook for 15 more mins.

Now add one can of chickpeas/hommos/garbanzo beans whatever you call it and let those cook for another 15 mins.

After that, throw the soup in a blender until it’s a smooth consistency.

Return it to the cooking pan and add almost a full bunch each of fresh cilantro and parsley – you probably don’t need to use the whole thing.  Also, add more water to the soup if necessary.

Add in some barley as well (to taste) and cook for a good 3o minutes after you add the barley.

While the barley is cooking, mix a teaspoon full of flour with a cup of water and then add it to the pan while stirring.

Your soup is done when the barley is cooked!

Optional: add 1-2 eggs in at the end for some extra protein.

Note: feel free to experiment and add other things you think would taste good! Some people put carrots, celery, vermicelli, meat, etc. The thing about harira is that everyone makes it their own unique way, this is just the recipe I have developed over time.

Now — I would love it if you’d share with me some of your favorite Ramadan recipes!

Also, if you make the harira, take a pic and post it and tell us how it turns out 🙂

Ramadan kareem!

hob we salam,


One Response to “Moroccan iftaar: Harira recipe!”
  1. Wassalam,

    A little late….but we had Chana Masala everyday for Iftar along with a table full of other items.

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