Berkane, Behobak (Berkane, I Love You)

Let me introduce you to…

Berkane, Morocco

Just a bit West of the Algerian border, in the heart of the Rif Valley you will find me.  Once a bladi farm village, I strive to find my new identity as I welcome Algerian migrants and adjust to the new realities of globalization.  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  In the fields surrounding me, you can find some of the best oranges and clementines in the world!  At least we think so : )  Being the citrus capital of Morocco we gotta live up to our name somehow.

We are also home to Raï Reggada legends Talbi One.  You can see a tour of our beautiful city in this clip.

We care about our city and country and our rights and freedoms.  On #Feb20 the people of Berkane rose up in solidarity with those in Tunisia and Egypt to show that we too are suffering from the same challenges as our brothers and sisters around the world.

You will find Berkanis all around the world in places as different as Brussels, Belgium; Frankfurt, Germany; and Minneapolis, MN, USA.

What makes us unique is our shared heritage.  We will never forget where we come from.

Berkane, behobak

hob we salam,



Bladi = Rural, close to nature and the land

Raï Reggada = A dance popular among Berber tribes in the area around Oujda, Morocco

3 Responses to “Berkane, Behobak (Berkane, I Love You)”
  1. M4C says:

    How about some labouya? Great pos, thankst! 🙂

  2. M4C says:

    Great POST! Sorry looks like the T decided to go somehwere else(t).

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