That Dreaded Interview Question…

Tell me about yourself….

That dreaded interview question that often leaves your mind running blank.  Well here goes, I’ll attempt to do that right now – who knows, maybe it will help me on future interviews?

Born in Minneapolis, MN to an American mother and a Moroccan father, I have definitely grown up with an understanding for different perspectives of the world around me.

I am in university right now studying geography and loving every minute of it.

I would love to refine my French and Arabic skills, as language is often a barrier for knowledge.

I hope to inshaAllah study abroad somewhere whether it’s just a summer spent learning Arabic or French or a longer period of time since my semester in Egypt didn’t work out so well  : P they just had to have a revolution just in time for my arrival.

I’ll leave it at that for now and let the future posts tell the rest : )

Yalla Amina it’s your turn now!

hob we salam,



InshaAllah = God willing

Yalla = Let’s go!

hob we salam = love and peace


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