Regarding the current changes in the Middle East, As an Algerian…

…as an Algerian-American I’m confused and disappointed. I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked how I feel on the ‘Algerian revolution’ in these past couple of months and many time’s I’ve been cautious about expressing my opinion as to not offend anyone. Yes, I did a victory dance for Tunisia and Egypt. Yes, … Continue reading

Wait, Where Are You From Again?

Algiers, Algeria

When asked where I’m from, I usually reply ‘Minneapolis’ but many times the asker is referring to where I’m ORIGINALLY from; and to that I answer: Algiers, Algeria. The asker might then nod their head knowingly although I’m pretty sure they have no clue where Algeria is located or even heard of the region before. … Continue reading

Sha’abi to Chique… A Reflection on #Jan25 and the Realities of Modern Egypt

On my first trip to Cairo, I never imagined the lifestyle and landscape I would soon be entering upon… I imagined a place with dirt roads and donkeys, abayas and gellabayas as Egyptians say.  I imagined the sha’abi Egypt, where Arabs acted like Arabs!  Is that too much to ask for?  And when I arrived, … Continue reading

Berkane, Behobak (Berkane, I Love You)

Let me introduce you to… Berkane, Morocco Just a bit West of the Algerian border, in the heart of the Rif Valley you will find me.  Once a bladi farm village, I strive to find my new identity as I welcome Algerian migrants and adjust to the new realities of globalization.  I’ll let you in … Continue reading

That Dreaded Interview Question…

Tell me about yourself…. That dreaded interview question that often leaves your mind running blank.  Well here goes, I’ll attempt to do that right now – who knows, maybe it will help me on future interviews? Born in Minneapolis, MN to an American mother and a Moroccan father, I have definitely grown up with an … Continue reading