• The Ramadan Fundraiser Dinner…

    It's that time of year again. The time of the coveted Ramadan fundraising dinner. By now...

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The Ramadan Fundraiser Dinner…

It’s that time of year again.  The time of the coveted Ramadan fundraising dinner.  By now, just about every weekend of the first three weeks of Ramadan is booked with one organization or another’s dinner, often multiple in the same day.  I have had the experience of attending countless fundraising dinners for the past few … Continue reading

What it really means to be American…

The other day I read “The Crescent Directive: An essay on improving the image of Islam in America.”  It got my brain stirring a while because of course it’s a topic that’s deeply personal to me as a Muslim-American.  In his Essay, Khurram Dara talked about many things that we “should be doing” to improve … Continue reading

#MAS-ICNA 2011: A reflection on challenges facing the Muslim community today

Photo credit: Zaid Shakir addresses convention attendees This past weekend I had the blessing to be able to travel to Chicago for the annual MAS-ICNA convention.  It was my third conference ever and my first exclusively Muslim conference.  What I expected out of this conference was a weekend filled with ‘ilm as well as spaces … Continue reading

What it means to be Arab: identity in a new light

Over my lifetime, I’ve been involved in countless debates about Arabness and the question of what it means to be Arab.  Does growing up outside of the Arab world nullify Arabness?  Does the inability to speak Arabic discount one from claiming Arab as part of their identity?  Can a person become “more Arab” by learning … Continue reading

Moments of Uncertainty

Timestamps. A cherished memory of a place long gone, a time long forsaken, a plan that was not… As I sit and dig through each and every memory, and each moment, I can remember how I felt at that second.  Hurriedly grabbing a lunch as the merchants hastily shut down their businesses one by one, … Continue reading

Moroccan iftaar: Harira recipe!

Alright everybody, I know it’s been forever since we posted on here and I do apologize, just haven’t managed to think of something/have the time.  So here goes I’m gonna do something random and give you all a recipe for Ramadan!  I’m not a pro chef or anything but one dish I love to make … Continue reading

To the motherland: A New Tunisia?

In exactly 36 hours from now, I will be on a plane on my way to my home, Tunisia. Though only half Tunisian, my Maghrebi identity has shaped much of my life. My father decided to raise his 5 children away from his home because of the chains that the government run by Ben Ali … Continue reading

Behind the Veil: Why We Wear Hijab and Love It

Salam and peace  readers! After we wrote our first piece about hijab, we decided to share with you our own hijab stories and how we came to the decision to put on the hijab and grew to love it.  We hope this will create a greater understanding of why we as Muslim women decide to … Continue reading

Hijab: Muslim-American Perspectives

There have been a succession of recent posts in the blogosphere regarding removing the hijab. Jillian C. York has referred to them here in her article on Global Voices. As we believe that the hijab IS obligatory in Islam, as agreed on by the four major Islamic scholars – Hanbali, Shafi’i, Maliki and Hanafi. It … Continue reading

AIPAC in Minneapolis?!

As many Minneapolis residents may already know, AIPAC, or the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, is gracing us with their presence at the Minneapolis downtown Hilton this week. No sarcasm intended of course. What is AIPAC? According to the Anti War Committee website: AIPAC, or the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, describes itself as the … Continue reading